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5 Tips for Transitioning to Back-to-School

Back-to-school season is quickly approaching and as you prepare for the new school year ahead, don’t forget that taking care of your mental health and well-being during this transition period is very important. 

To help you make this the best school year yet, CMHA’s College of Health and Well-Being team is sharing these five essential tips for a smooth transition into your back-to-school routine: 


Do some test runs 

Take some walks around the school and get familiar with the environment and what to expect, so the day of it will not be so intimidating. Some things will be new but not everything has to be. 


Make self-care a priority 

It can be easy to put off taking care of yourself when studying. It’s important to find time to take care of your physical and mental health. Whenever possible, make time for breaks, movement, friends, and sleep!   

Use failure as an opportunity to learn 

Be kind to yourself – mistakes are part of being human. It is important to acknowledge mistakes, reflect on how we can grow from them, and then move on.   

Avoid the “all or nothing” trap 

Plans change and that’s OK! If you don’t get the five chapters done you had originally intended, don’t give up on the whole plan – one chapter is better than none.   

Know you are not alone 

Most, if not all, individuals feel some kind of anxiety going back to school. That is because change and something new or unknown can be uncomfortable. Doing something that is outside of your comfort zone is what leads to the most growth and is something to be incredibly proud of yourself for.   

If you need support, please contact us! We offer more than 30 mental health and addiction programs across York Region and South Simcoe for youth (12+), adults and family caregivers.  

From programs like Community Connections, CMHA’s College of Health and Well-Being, Ontario Structured Psychotherapy, and CMHA’s Mobile Youth Walk-In Clinic to monthly drop-in workshops/events, we are here for you! To learn more about our local programs, click here. 

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