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Mental Health Friendly Business Award

This award recognizes the contribution of local businesses who serves as champions of respect, equality, and mental health for all.


It recognizes businesses that are friendly and welcoming to all customers, who make an effort to be supportive of CMHA staff and or clients/families, provide an atmosphere that is safe and inclusive to everyone, demonstrate a willingness to provide fair services to CMHA clients/families and go the extra mile to make CMHA clients feel welcome, supported and safe.

The Club Demonstration Services team at COSTCO Wholesale, Green Lane Centre, always provides clients hired through their program with kindness and understanding. They have been non-judgmental and are always willing to work with the CMHA Employment team to ensure that the individuals are successful. They provide an inclusive atmosphere for persons of all abilities and cultures and are willing to go the extra mile to help those individuals grow and learn.”

Presenting award to Costco

Costco - Green Lane Centre

Award presentation to Bev Milligan

Beverly Milligan

Contribution to Quality Award

This award recognizes volunteers who introduce new ideas, services or practices to improve the quality of service, financial management, human resource management, administration, or overall functioning of CMHA.


These individuals contribute innovative solutions or make major improvements to operations or services provided.

Bev is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional. She consistently offers creative ideas to improve internal processes. While working on projects, Bev warmly greets our clients and staff in a pleasant and professional manner. She brings high-level skills, good solid advice, compassion, and inspiration to our team. Her organizational skills are simply the best! In 2018, Bev assisted with Ride Don’t Hide on the VIP registration. She recommended many improvements to make a smoother sign-in desk for volunteers, guests and participants. She began with set-up at 6 a.m. and stayed to the very end, keeping calm as the torrential rains and wind hit us, and serving as a calm in the storm for everyone around her. She made every registrant feel welcomed and taken care of in the best possible way. We are blessed to count her as a true friend of CMHA.

Volunteer Living our Team Values Award

This award recognizes and rewards individuals who actively and consistently demonstrate our team values of respect, trust, communication and teamwork.


Angelika is very generous with her time. She is open to feedback, is always pleasant and treats others with respect when she comes in to volunteer. Angelika is a great representation of team values. She really enjoys the work and helping the team and clients and has taken on several projects for the Bounce Back program. She also supports the admin team with multiple tasks they need support with. She shows a great deal of trust when she takes on these projects and does so with compassion and kindness. She is passionate, approachable, friendly to talk to and really enjoys helping our program in any way she can.

Angelika Cox

Angelika Cox

Catherine Dawson

Catherine Dawson

Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes and rewards staff who have gone above and beyond their job description to support the mission of CMHA.


CMHA facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness. These individuals demonstrate unwavering commitment to the goals of the organization, exemplifies providing great care in great communities and consistent performance and professionalism, provides solid support for colleagues and supports people to empower themselves and inspires those around them.

Catherine is an amazing case manager, always going the extra mile even without being asked. She supports her fellow case managers by offering an ear, sharing the load and lending her experience. She has come to the aid of Streamlined Access many times offering to pick up short term support clients who have urgent needs even when she has little or no capacity to do so. Further, she attends Rapid Response Table and supports people who are in critical need of immediate engagement/support. She stands in the gap for these clients often. Her commitment, her passion and her constant willingness to help are admirable. She does all of this with a cheerful and accommodating attitude. She's made her colleagues lives easier as the CMHA Representative at the weekly Streamlined Access meeting by being willing to help almost every time a call goes out. By extension, she's helping the community of people who are so disabled by mental illness that they require urgent support immediately.

Contribution to Quality Award

This award recognizes employees who introduce new ideas, services or practices to improve the quality of service, financial management, human resource management, administration, or overall functioning of CMHA.

These individuals contribute innovative solutions or make major improvements to operations or services provided.


Abdulrahman Mesto always goes out of his way to support staff and clients of the BounceBack program. He contributes to improving the process and delivery of the program for clients and does it with kindness and respect. One of his incredible achievements is the creation of a slide presentation for BounceBack clients to improve service delivery. Mesto is approachable, supportive and a pleasure to work with.

A. Mesto

Abdulrahman Mesto

Contribution to Client or Staff Safety Award

This award recognizes and rewards employees who introduce new ideas, services or practices to avoid prevent or correct adverse outcomes which may result from the delivery of service or that improve safety.


Jennifer demonstrates excellent and consistent leadership in nursing practices. She continuously strives for quality improvement and standardization. She is a member of the medical management committee, where she brought forward new ideas for improvement and has taken a lead on many initiatives. She goes above and beyond to support other nurses in the agency by covering when they are away and offering education and training. She identified a need to explore a more advanced medication management system for a safer and more effective system than we currently have. She is currently leading this project that will enhance client care and prevent medication related errors and incidents. She has a passion for process improvement and consistently takes initiative in this area. She is someone you can count on to volunteer and her quality of work is excellent.

Award winner Jennifer Tran with CEO

Jennifer Tran

Meghan with Rebecca

Meghan Baptista

Team Values Award

This award recognizes and rewards employees who actively and consistently demonstrate our team values of respect, trust, communication and teamwork.


As a member of the Central Intake team, Meghan consistently demonstrates a respectful attitude towards clients, team members and others. She is open and honest with clients regarding services and in her attitudes about mental health and other struggles. She is wise and has good instincts about services, resources and people. She maintains communication with all team members making sure no one feels isolated. She has a positive word for everybody and supports team members and clients in the best way possible.

Cultural Competency Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward employees who exemplify the spirit of cultural competence by taking positive action every day, embracing, respecting and celebrating the diversity of both the CMHA team and the communities we serve.


Iryna is a Coach and one of the leaders on the BounceBack Wellfullness Team. She is an example of a staff member who has the spirit of cultural competence. Ira has taken a leadership role in supporting and organizing educational events to promote understanding of different cultural practices, including Nowruz. She has a learning approach to her work and brings forward ideas on how to adapt the BounceBack service to improve delivery for participants, based on her learning. She has created a welcoming environment for new members joining the team through her positive attitude and presentations to new staff which includes a self-awareness of her own biases. Iryna always smile on her face and is always to looking to expand her knowledge of other cultures, through asking questions, sharing personal experiences or exploring other ways to help. She inspires others to contribute their own time and effort to help improve the cultural diversity of the program so that it evolves to be more culturally appropriate, through listening to other team members and participant’s values, beliefs and customs.

Iryna receiving award

Iryna Machkur

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