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What It’s Like to Work at CMHA

What It’s Like to Work at CMHA


We value cultural competency as a critical element in providing the best client service and work experience. We also foster diversity, equity and inclusion grounded in anti-racism and anti-oppression practices, using a harm reduction and trauma-informed lens.

“I am extremely proud to be a member of the team here at CMHA. Being a Manager for the BounceBack and Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program is everything and more than I could ever imagine in a leadership role. This organization truly fosters a culture of respect, as well as a commitment to diversity both for our staff members and for our participants and clients.”

Thinesh, Manager, People and Teams, BounceBack and Ontario Structured Psychotherapy

Balance, Health & Wellbeing

Working in mental health can be demanding, and we strive to provide a balanced work-life through health and mindfulness programs, flexibility in working from home (where applicable), as well as access to resources and mental health supports.

Spark Program

The Spark Program adds an extra layer of support in addition to the manager-new employee relationship. The nominated “Buddy” helps new employees adjust to their work environment by sharing information and offering guidance. The ongoing support comes from a peer who is already successfully established within the organization.

Overhead photo of people in brightly coloured shirts, standing by mobile youth walk-in clinic

“I was extremely grateful to be partnered with a ‘buddy’ with the Spark Program from my first day at CMHA. It was nice to know that I had someone to reach out to anytime if I had any questions and a scheduled time to meet to get to know someone better from the organization. CMHA as a whole is extremely welcoming, but having a buddy was the cherry on top. In fact, I believe in this program so much, I am now a buddy for new employees myself."

Devon, Communications Coordinator

In addition, we provide a strong commitment to:

  • Celebration: We take time to recognize our achievements, through annual employee achievement and volunteer awards, staff picnics, continual learning and team potlucks.
  • Communication: Through in-person events, internal newsletters and connection to senior leaders, we ensure our staff have the information they need to connect and thrive as part of the CMHA family. As part of our listening culture, senior leaders welcome feedback and new ideas are encouraged.
  • Participation in Taskforces and Committees: Gain new skills by participating in a variety of taskforces, cultural affinity groups and committees, outside of your normal department or focus area.

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