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Julie’s Story

Julie’s Story

Client Stories

For Julie, the fear and isolation of the pandemic made it more difficult to ignore her anxiety. In hindsight, she says it was always there but everyday she would put her happy face on for her family, friends and successful career. Pregnant with her second child during the pandemic, she enrolled in BounceBack for mental health support.

You can read more of her story below.

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“During the pandemic I was pregnant and I could feel my anxiety increasing. I experienced post partum depression with my first child and I didn’t want it to be worse with my second baby, especially with the added factors of covid and isolation.”

“The lessons and tools I learned in BounceBack now help me everyday. I learned a lot about myself through this program. I wasn’t aware how much I needed the program until I completed it. Everyone can benefit from mental health coaching and getting more awareness about themselves. I am personally and professionally a better person thanks to BounceBack.”

“Through BounceBack I realized my anxiety had always better there, but with the intense fear and isolation of the pandemic I couldn’t ignore it anymore. In the past I would just put on my happy face and get on with my day. But the pandemic made it harder to deal with it the same way.”

“I didn’t realize I was actually having physical symptoms and responses to my anxiety like dizziness and tiredness. BounceBack helped me develop strategies for how to proactively manage my anxiety.”

“My coach listened to everything I was saying and her empathy and straight talk really empowered me. She pointed out when I was devaluing or self-sabotaging myself, and I came to realize I’ve been engaging in negative self-talk my whole life. Instead my coach encouraged me to replace that negative self-talk by identifying and focusing on my great qualities.”

“I found I got so much more out of the program and the coaching sessions when I did the work in the workbook first. Putting pen to paper helped me identify my struggles and then helped me address my feelings with my coach. I loved the workbooks and how the topics were perfectly timed to my personal progress and needs.”

“I learned that writing down my thoughts is hugely powerful. Once my thoughts are articulated on paper, then I dissect and debunk them. What is the truth? What is making me feel this way? What am I holding onto? What is giving me anxiety? Working through my thoughts this way helps ease my anxiety by separating facts from the story I may be telling myself.”

“BounceBack helped me identify deep rooted thoughts I have about myself and my emotional and physical responses to everyday situations. I no longer repress my emotions and I feel stronger and more in control.”

Julie, BounceBack Client

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