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Exams stressing you out? We’ve got you covered

As students prepare for exams, CMHA Ontario is reminding them to keep mental health in mind with some quick stress-management tips.

Those struggling with low mood or anxiety can turn to CMHA Ontario’s free skill-building program BounceBack®: Reclaim your health to learn how to deal with stress, being overwhelmed, and more. Through BounceBack, adults and youth 15+ learn skills to help manage worry and anxiety, combat unhelpful thinking and become more active and assertive.

BounceBack suggests maintaining positive mental health during exams with the following strategies:

  • Take care of your body. Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. BounceBack can help you get active by doing the things you love and learning how to plan more exercise into your life.
  • Overcome sleep problems. Identify what things are preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep and some changes you can make to help overcome sleep problems.
  • Practical problem solving. Approach a problem by breaking it down into manageable smaller parts. It’s easier to tackle one small piece at a time.

Keep them on hand for easy reference while you study. In addition, watch the BounceBack Today Online videos for practical tips on sleeping better, increasing activity, problem solving, and more. You can watch the videos on our website at any time at by entering your email address and access code: bbtodayon.

For additional support once exams are over, check out our BounceBack telephone coaching program with skill-building workbooks. Access to the program is by referral through a family doctor or nurse practitioner. You can also self-refer but must provide your primary care provider’s contact information so that they can be notified and kept informed of your progress in the program.

Your Health or Wellness Team on campus can also help you with this referral. Once a referral is submitted, you will be contacted by a BounceBack coach within five business days to schedule a telephone assessment. To learn more about the BounceBack program and how to participate, please visit .

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