Mental Health Volunteering

Volunteering in Mental Heath

Who can become a volunteer?

Adults and teens, students, working professionals, homemakers, retirees, the unemployed preparing to return to the workplace, and anyone interested in mental health issues. Anyone can volunteer.

How much time is required to volunteer?

It’s up to you. Some volunteers donate a few hours each week or each month. Some volunteer for specific projects at select times during the year. The amount of time needed has a lot to do with the kind of volunteer work you choose.

Requirements to volunteer at CMHA

Before you apply to Volunteer at CMHA York and South Simcoe, please make sure you meet the program requirements. Volunteer Applicants must be:

  • A minimum of 18 years old (event volunteers can be 16 years old with parental consent)
  • Able to commit to the Volunteer Program for the duration specified on the volunteer posting
  • Able to maintain the confidentiality and privacy policy of CMHA York and South Simcoe
  • Respect and implement the Vision, Mission and Values of CMHA York and South Simcoe

What kind of volunteer work does CMHA York and South Simcoe offer?

Our dedicated volunteers perform a number of valuable services including:

  • Working at fundraisers and special events
  • Co-Facilitating support groups
  • Participating in educational events
  • Assisting with office work such as filing and preparing mailings
  • Serving on committees and the Board of Directors

What are the Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers are a vital resource which strengthens our community and helps to promote change and development. The participation of volunteers at CMHA York and South Simcoe enriches and enhances our programs and activities through volunteers who contribute their valuable time, unique talents, skills, and knowledge of our community. We are committed to ensure effective volunteer involvement in appropriate programs and activities fostered in a safe and supportive environment. In turn we expect that volunteers will act responsibly and be accountable to program expectations and to our organization. Volunteer involvement is based on integrity, respectful and meaningful relationships, and mutually beneficial to the volunteer and our organization.

What are the responsibilities of CMHA York and South Simcoe to our Volunteers?

We value and respect all of our volunteers, and pride ourselves in creating positive working relationships. We will provide you with the information and support you need in order to help you enjoy and succeed in your volunteer role in our programs. In addition, volunteering with us will offer you:

  • The opportunity to meet new people and make new friends
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and/or develop existing skills
  • The opportunity to make a contribution to a worthwhile cause
  • Add valuable experience to your resumé
  • Experience in the field
  • Training opportunities
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Acquire References for future employers or other non-profit agencies
  • Help your recovery

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Studies show that regular volunteer activity can have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Volunteering with CMHA provides the opportunity to build skills, learn more about mental health and meet new people, while helping build a more caring community.

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