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Creating Healthy Workplaces

Creating Healthy Workplaces

We encourage you to invest in the personal wellness of your team. Our specialized mental health training program will help your organization increase mental health awareness and reduce stigma, teach staff how to effectively and confidently address mental health concerns, give them tools to manage personal and professional stress and ultimately, learn how to best support one another. We have two programs to chose from: Healthy Workplaces for Everyone and Healthy Workplaces for People Leaders. Everyone in your workplace, at all levels, positions and roles, can benefit from a deepened understanding of mental health in the workplace.

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For information on pricing, or to book a session, please contact Danielle Luciano at or call 905.841.3977 ext. 2220.

Healthy Workplaces for Everyone

Why does this matter? A psychologically healthy work environment supports employee engagement, worker health and well-being, recruitment and retention, productivity, effective risk management and corporate social responsibility.

Workplace & Mental Health
This presentation provides a basic introduction to workplace mental health for staff, to enhance mental health awareness and skills for responding to some common issues. It also provides an introduction to the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
• 1 hour

Mood & Depression
This presentation provides and overview of how mood impacts how we work, will a particular focus on depression and how we address it in the workplace.
• 1 hour

Stress & Anxiety
This presentation provides a high-level overview of how stress and anxiety impacts how we work. Participants will learn how talk openly about anxiety to address and resolve the barriers that might be prevalent in the workplace.
• 1 hour

Traumatic Stress & Compassion Fatigue
This presentation provides an overview of secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue and the importance of being able to talk openly about this in order to strengthen resilience in the
• 1 hour

Psychological Health & Safety
This presentation provides an overview of psychological health and safety in the workplace. It introduces the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, as well as the accommodation and return to work involving mental health.
• 1 hour

Health Anxiety
This 1 hour workshop looks at how the current environment can cause intense feelings of anxiety regarding our health and the health of our loved ones and friends. Using evidence-based methods, it will impart skills managers and staff can use in the context of business resumption to mitigate anxiety about returning to the workplace and/or working remotely in a latent-COVID environment.
• 1 hour

Mental Health & the Virtual Working Environment
With remote and hybrid work becoming more common as a result of the pandemic, this session addresses the unique challenges this brings to caring for and about employee mental health. It will provide an overview on how we can build psychologically-healthy and safe workplaces when the place of work is the home, or a combination of the home and the workplace.
1 hour

Healthy Workplace for People Leaders

Only 32 per cent of Canadian employees feel that their organization’s leadership is taking action to address workplace mental health. Leaders play a fundamental role in shifting the organizational culture that welcomes and encourages open and safe dialogue, action and change related to workplace mental health. Our Healthy Workplaces for Leadership program is designed to engage and empower your organization’s leaders as invested champions in ensuring a mentally healthy and safe workplace for everyone.

Healthy Workplaces for Senior Management & Executives (2 hours)

This workshop provides a deep understanding of the financial impact of mental health problems in the workplace, identifies factors within the workplace that affect mental health and provides an overview of the Psychological Health and Safety Standard. Workplace Wellness for Senior Management consists of 2 modules:

1. The Financial Impact: How does ignoring mental health impact your organizational budget?

2. Psychological Health and Safety Standard: Increase awareness of the legal duty to accommodate; introduce the components of the Standard; identify factors that affect workplace psychological health and safety.

Healthy Workplaces for Supervisors & Managers (7 hours)

This workshop will address mental health problems in the workplace from a supervisory perspective. It addresses strategies to minimize employee stress leaves, the development of return-to-work and accommodation processes, as well as teaches supervisors how to recognize and manage bullying in the workplace. Workplace Wellness for Supervisors consists of 4 modules:

1. Identifying Workplace Mental Health Problems: What are some early indicators that there are mental health problems in the workplace and how can you respond effectively?

2. Stress in the Workplace: How to identify, understand the impact and develop strategies to reduce workplace stressors.

3. Bullying in the Workplace: How to identify bullying behavior, understand the impact on both the employee and the organization and learn how to respond as a manager.

4. The Accommodation Process: What situations require accommodation? What are the seven key principles for successful return-to-work cases? How to create an accommodation plan, specific to the needs of your employees, and improve communication during the accommodation process.

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