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Mental Health Works

Mental Health Works

A psychologically healthy work environment supports employee engagement, worker health and well-being, recruitment and retention, productivity, effective risk management and corporate social responsibility. Mental Health Works is dedicated to enhancing the field of workplace mental health through skills enhancement training, awareness education and stigma reducing efforts. This workshop will enhance your organization’s capacity to ensure a healthier, safer workplace for everyone.

There are 3 programs to choose from:


(Full day of interactive learning for up to 15 participants)
The Core program gives your team an in-depth understanding of mental health and illness, the tools to recognize signs and symptoms, the confidence and comfort in engaging in conversation and seeking help for themselves and others.

In focus

(Half day session for up to 20 participants)
An IN FOCUS look at the important role each and every one of us play in workplace mental health and common issues that arise in the workplace, giving your team strategies to address issues through a mental health lens.


(One-hour workshop for up to 40 participants)
This workshop encourages you to consider mental health as embedded within overall health. Team members will understand what mental health is and what are the common workplace issues. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the impact of stigmatizing, their own and that of others, language and beliefs surrounding mental health.

Contact Us to Book a Workshop

For information on pricing, or to book a session, please contact Danielle Luciano at or call 905.841.3977 ext. 2220.

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