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Well-being in Changing Times and Changing Workplaces

Well-being in Changing Times and Changing Workplaces

In 2020, COVID-19 required an immediate shift in how we work, and where we work, across all professions. With the world of work and the priorities of home forced to co-exist, several significant issues have emerged, affecting both physical and mental health. Compounding family challenges, child-care, elder-care, health anxiety and social isolation, have contributed to increasing rates of anxiety and depression. With work and home merged, the impact is evident in both realms. The common thread: a need to pay attention to wellbeing. Using evidence-based research, this workshop will highlight the components of well-being and enable us to begin to understand self-care as critical in promoting and maintaining positive mental health. We will explore and identify ways in which prioritizing well-being, can and should, help inform new practices, in the workplace, at home, and in the merged reality of working from home. With COVID-19 continuing to require changes in workplace structure and practices, so too does the notion of workplace wellness need to evolve to include direct attention to well-being. This 2-hour presentation will offer management, leadership and all employees the background, knowledge and suggestions for implementation needed to customize well-being programs in their workplaces and work communities. 

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