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Flexible Support Program (16+)

Flexible Support Program (16+)

This Flexible Support program assists individuals that need support to find or maintain safe and affordable housing.  The program offers different types of flexible supports to match your current mental health and housing needs.

The Flexible Support program is offered in partnership with York Support Services Network (YSSN). Referrals can be made through Streamlined Access to be connected to a York Support Services Network Case Manager.  Once connected with a Case Manager, individuals can be referred to CMHA’s Flexible Support services for additional support. Services can include social work, occupational therapy, nursing, peer support, and/or psychiatry services for up to six months.  

If you are already connected with a York Support Services Network Flexible Supports Case Manager, please contact your Case Manager directly for a referral to one of these additional services. 

Case management services are offered through York Support Network in partnership with more intensive support through CMHA’s Flexible Support Team when needed.

Click here to learn about our Free Flexible Supports Drop-In Mental Health Clinic starting in May.

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Toll-Free: 1-844-660-6602

Who is This Program Intended For?

  • Those 16 years of age or above who are residing in York Region
  • Vulnerably or precariously housed
  • Those who are homeless
  • Residing in housing with supports
  • Residing in Community Homes for Opportunity or Homes for Special Care

The Flexible Support Program Offers

  • 1:1 support to assist you with achieving your goals and housing stability. Case management services are offered through York Support Services in partnership with more intensive support through CMHA’s Flexible Care Team when needed.
  • Access to Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Peer Specialists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatry if needed. These multi-disciplinary services can offer up to six months of support.
  • The Wellness Outreach Worker (WOW) Team provides groups for individuals living in shelters, social housing, Community Homes for Opportunity, Homes for Special Care or Housing with Supports. Group programming can include a focus on recreation, education or recovery. The WOW staff can also offer brief 1:1 support for short-term goals, such as completing an application for long-term support (e.g., supporting a Streamlined Access application for a case manager). 

A referral form can be obtained by contacting Streamlined Access or by filling out our form below.

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