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Landlord Incentive Program

Landlord Incentive Program

This is an evidence-based program aimed at reducing the barriers young people face when looking for housing/rehousing or facing eviction. This incentive program provides financial supports to help eligible landlords where there are damages to assist in preventing eviction and support housing stability. 

Funds available for eligible landlords includes Tenant Insurance deductibles, Housing Hold fund, Short Term Vacancy reimbursement and Extreme cleaning. These funds are to support landlords to mitigate and offset some of the risk that may be involved in renting to youths and tenants in the community. 

We collaborate with landlords by providing supports and funding to help reduce time youths spends homeless, prevent homelessness and work towards housing stability and youth empowerment.

To learn more about RentSmart or to sign up for the program:

Contact Patricia Okonta at or 289-879-4091

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