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Mental Health & Justice

Mental Health & Justice

The Mental Health and Justice Program provides case management and court support to those with mental health concerns who are involved in the criminal justice system, both virtually and in-person. Working collaboratively with accused people and their families, this team can assist with developing a support and treatment plan, reducing feelings of social isolation, navigating the court system, as well as obtaining referrals to help individuals access appropriate supports.

Who is This Program Intended For?

  • Individuals 12 years of age and older
  • Individuals with mental health issues, development disabilities, dual diagnoses, concurrent disorders, acquired brain injury, autism, and/or Alzheimer’s and/or dementia and involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Those who are willing to work towards their recovery goals

Mental Health and Justice includes the following programs:

  • Case Management: providing a supportive framework for individuals (12 years of age and older) with mental health concerns or the above mentioned conditions,  who are involved in the criminal justice system. It is an appointment based, goal oriented service and work in partnership with individuals to complete a support plan that identifies areas of strength and determines areas of need. The support plan is unique to the individual and can assist in addressing areas such as skills development, issues related to primary health care, and access issues for housing or income. They also alongside the court support program to help assist the mental health diversion, and community treatment court requirements in the community.


  • Court Support: supporting those 18 years of age or older, who have mental health concerns or the above mentioned conditions, with outstanding charges at the Newmarket or Bradford courthouses to navigate the court system and provide support during court appearances. Some services include developing bail plans, assisting people in custody and upon their release, liaising with the Crown Attorneys and Duty/Defence Counsel, gathering necessary documentation, as well as developing treatment plans and making appropriate referrals. The staff also assist clients in applying to the Community Treatment Court within the Newmarket courthouse, and for mental health diversion in the Bradford courthouse, if eligible, and in both courthouses liaise with the Crown Attorney’s and Duty/Defence Counsel, gather and provide the necessary documentation, and assist clients in developing treatment plans, including making appropriate referrals, and provide assistance to families in obtaining a Form.


  • Clinical Therapist: Provides group or one-on-one counselling to clients that are designed to best address each individual’s needs. This is specifically for those who are working directly with our Mental Health and Justice Case Managers or Court Support Workers.


Intake, Registration and Referral Details

Referrals for both programs can come from any source. Common referral sources include: self-referrals or referrals from family, caregivers, police, Defence/Duty Counsel, the Crown Attorney, Judges/Justice of the Peace, Probation Officers, correctional staff, hospitals, community partners or other agency staff.

Both programs are completely voluntary and the individual must be willing to work towards their recovery goals.

Case Management: For individuals 12 years of age and older with the prospect of mental health concerns and are involved in the criminal justice system (including probation and parole). Contact Central Intake to make a referral at 1-866-345-0183, ext.3321

Court Support: For individuals 18 years of age or older with mental health concerns or brain injuries who have outstanding charges at the Bradford or Newmarket courthouses, you can use our referral form here:

Court Support Referral Form
To reach the Newmarket Courthouse, please contact 289-221-3296 or 416-319-8445.
To reach the Bradford Courthouse, please contact 705-305-2490.
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