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Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Accessible and convenient treatment for people with depression, anxiety, and anxiety-related conditions

The Ministry of Health’s Ontario Structured Psychotherapy (OSP) Program makes evidence-based psychotherapy and related approaches available to people across Ontario. The program provides publicly-funded support to people with depression, anxiety, and anxiety-related conditions.

OSP services provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and related treatments to help individuals learn strategies and skills to improve their mental health. In CBT, individuals learn to change their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs related to the emotional and behavioural reactions causing them difficulty.

Support is offered through a structured program including a set number of sessions over a scheduled period of time. The program includes skill-building workbooks, online videos, and individual or group CBT sessions with a clinician.

Register for Support

To refer yourself into the OSP program, complete this online referral form.

Alternatively, you can ask your primary care provider to submit a referral form to the CMHA Network Lead Organization through their electronic medical record (if applicable).

For more information, contact

Services include:

  • Guided Self-Help CBT: BounceBack is a program for individuals aged 15 and up and is effective in helping people who are experiencing mild-to-moderate anxiety, depression, low mood or stress or feel low, stressed, worried, irritable or angry. Participants receive telephone coaching, skill-building workbooks and online videos to help them better manage these symptoms and gain new skills to regain positive mental health.
  • Clinician Assisted Bibliotherapy (CAB): An eight-week program for adults experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of low mood. This program is delivered remotely featuring 20 to 30 minute weekly therapeutic sessions with CBT clinicians to help guide them through a CBT treatment manual.
  • Individual or Group CBT Therapy: A problem-focused and goal-oriented program with CBT clinicians. Clients generally receive eight to 12 weekly sessions.
Online Referral Form

In April 2021, the Ministry of Health announced the expansion of the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program and named CMHA York Region South Simcoe as the first and only community mental health agency to become one of the new Network Lead Organizations (NLO).

As a Network Lead Organization, we have started to coordinate and deliver new modes of psychotherapy and other CBT-based approaches in the region. Over the next year, we will expand our services with more offerings and to more individuals in an expanded geography including York Region, South Simcoe, North York Central and West, West Woodbridge, North Etobicoke and Malton.

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