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Rapid Access Psychiatry (18+)

Rapid Access Psychiatry (18+)

Rapid Access Psychiatry (RAP) is an evidence-based model of service for adults with mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety. With a focus on rapid access to service, this program offers three levels of support that are free for individuals. Referrals will be screened for appropriateness for individual psychiatric assessment, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) group, and individual support.

Who is This Program Intended For?

  • Adults aged 18+ who are capable of completing questionnaires and engaging in the program
  • Clients in York Region and South Simcoe with mild-to-moderate anxiety and/or depression

Have Questions? Contact Us!

Contact the Team at 905-841-3977 ext. 3221

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Key Elements the Rapid Access Psychiatry Team Program Offers:

Individual Psychiatric Assessment: a comprehensive psychiatric assessment within four weeks of referral. After the assessment, a report with diagnostic information and treatment recommendations will be provided to your family physician or primary healthcare provider.

A 6-week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) group focusing on identifying and understanding your feelings, identifying and changing problematic thoughts and changing emotion-driven behaviours. Participating in CBT and actively engaging in CBT practice offer the best results in symptom reduction and an improved quality of life.

Individual Support: time-limited individual support for clients, who have already undergone a RAP assessment/consultation, is provided by a clinical therapist to those who are not ready to attend groups or are having difficulties in groups.

*Subject to change without notice

Register for Support

For individual psychiatric assessments and consultations, referrals must come from a family physician or primary healthcare provider and a referral form must be complete. The referrals are then screened for eligibility by RAP’s clinical therapist.

For participation in groups, referrals must come from a RAP consultant who already assessed the clients through our consultation service. Referrals will be screened for eligibility for groups by RAP’s clinical therapist.

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