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RentSmart Training – A Housing Stability and Eviction Prevention Model

RentSmart Training – A Housing Stability and Eviction Prevention Model

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RentSmart is designed to build a combination of life skills, knowledge and confidence in tenants and landlords through Community Educators. CMHA-YRSS has Certified RentSmart Educators who deliver this program to our clients, community partner agencies and participants for free. This training is prioritized for any equity-seeking individuals but is open to all community members.

“Being a good tenant and being a good landlord are not innate skills and can be taught. RentSmart is a proven educational approach that builds successful tenancies for both tenants and landlords. This is key to housing stability, prevention of homelessness and strong communities.” Kristi Rivait, Co-Executive Director, Ready to Rent BC.

To learn more about RentSmart or to sign up for the program:

Contact Patricia Okonta at or 289-879-4091

About RentSmart

Millions of Canadian households like our clients and participants, want a safe, suitable, affordable home to rent; landlords want tenants to pay rent on time, respect neighbours and take care of their property. Being a good tenant or a good landlord is a learnable skill. RentSmart provides education and support to tenants, landlords, and community champions with one goal: Successful Tenancies for all. Successful tenancies are key to building strong communities, increasing housing stability and preventing homelessness.

For Tenants/Landlords:

Certificate curriculum is interactive education focused on developing reliable tenants, preventing damages and evictions, and ending the homelessness cycle. RentSmart education is for anyone who wants to understand their role as tenants, may face barriers to housing, and want to reduce those barriers. RentSmart builds knowledge, confidence and life skills. Upon completion of the RentSmart Certificate course or Rentsmart Basic course, participants earn the RentSmart Certificate or letter of Completion. Landlords can verify the Certificate and know that graduates have taken the time to learn how to be a good tenant.

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