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Client Complaint Process

Woman standing behind a desk with man in front of counter frustrated with hand on head

Client Complaint Process

We believe in continuous quality improvement. If you have a complaint or a suggestion, we want to hear from you.

Hand writing on a notebook and holding cellphone in other hand

You may make a complaint to CMHA by phone or in writing.

Passing Paper across a table

The complaint may be given to any CMHA staff person.

The word investigate with a magnifying glass on top

CMHA will investigate the complaint with you. This will be done within 5 working days.

Blue puzzle piece with the word resolution on it

A resolution will be given to you within 7 working days.

A ripped piece of paper that says Appeal

Not satisfied? Write appeal to Program Manager.

Desk with a laptop on it that says Time For Review on screen

Not satisfied? Send appeal to Program Director. CEO will review. If complaint is about the CEO, appeal will go to Board of Directors.

Online Complaint and Suggestion Form
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