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Youth Wellness (12 to 25)

Youth Wellness (12 to 25)

Youth Wellness offers individual short-term supportive counselling, case management, groups, and workshops for youth aged 12 to 25 in school and community settings in York Region and South Simcoe.

The Youth Wellness Program Offers

  • Counselling/Case Management: time-limited supportive counselling/case management to support youth in their recovery, developing wellness and coping strategies, and addressing what is happening for them now.
  • Mindfulness: a four-session practice and skills-based group for youth to take a mindfulness break during their day and develop lifelong skills and habits. We have two streams available: a general mindfulness program and a group geared to youth athletes.  Groups can be held with classrooms (grades 7-12), community groups, or smaller groups.
  • Why-Try: a four-session group that helps youth to become more resilient and motivated (generally grades 7 to 8).
  • Workshops (South Simcoe only): interactive, psycho-educational workshops are available, and some of the topics covered include: Mental Health Myth Busting, Tackling Stress & Anxiety, Talking about Depression and Suicide, and High School 101 (transitioning into high school). Workshops can be facilitated with classrooms, some school assemblies, and community groups.

*Subject to change without notice

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Phone: 905-841-3977

How To Register for Support

Community Counselling and Case Management: Youth can be referred, or refer themselves, through Central Intake by calling 1-866-345-0183 ext. 3321.

Counselling (School Partners): Youth can be referred through their school social worker, through Central Intake by calling 1-866-345-0183 ext. 3321.

Workshops (South Simcoe only): Teachers, schools and community groups can fill out a Workshop Request Form and send to Vivian Hon via email.

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