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Youth (Ages 12 to 25)

Youth and Teen Mental
Health Services

Programs for ages 12 to 25

Looking for help? You’ve come to the right place. Youth and teen mental health services’ primary focus is the emotional and social well-being of young people aged 12 to 25, as well as parent groups and staff from youth-serving agencies. CMHA offers a variety of youth mental health programs to help give you the tools to cope with mental illness and mental health issues. There is no doctor’s referral necessary; so you can refer yourself, a friend, or family member at any time.

Whether it’s you or someone you know confronting a mental health issue or mental illness, you can find help by browsing through the youth mental health programs below covering topics from early intervention to suicide prevention. Together we can increase understanding of youth mental health and end the stigma.

You are not alone, here are the programs we have to offer:

young boy with serious expression discussing mental health illnesses

Assertive Community Treatment Teams (16+)

This client-centred, recovery oriented mental health service offers community supports to individuals and families, to help reach recovery goals.

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Mental health specialist smiling at youth child discussing mental health

Case Management (16+)

Work collaboratively with a case manager to develop a support plan that will identify areas of strength and determine areas of need.

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youthful man with his arms crossed and smiling about receiving mental health

Choices (12 to 17)

Delivered in partnership with schools, shelters, and community agencies, Choices provides an environment to learn vital skills in a safe environment.

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Support group with young person speaking in the circle

Community Connections (16+)

Community Connections is a recovery-oriented drop-in hub organized to help individuals 16 years or older improve mental health and overall wellness.

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woman sitting by her windowsill with coffee and journal in her hand

Community Homes for Opportunity (16+)

Providing tenants with recovery oriented supportive housing that can offer up to 24/7 supports services to maintain housing stability.

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young hijabi mental health specialist discussing with young woman

Community Transitions Team (16+)

Assists clients with a safe and smooth transition from hospital into the community with the ultimate goal of preventing further hospital visits.

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Young adult black male using equipment and wearing goggles with an older man guiding him

Employment Program (16+)

Provides individualized placement and job development based on clients’ interests, goals, previous work experience and education.

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Close-up of young adult woman sitting on a bench reading a book, buildings in the background.

Flexible Support Program (16+)

Assists individuals that need flexible supports to find or maintain safe and affordable housing, based on your current mental health and housing needs.

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Young woman gazing outside and smiling

Gender Affirming Health Clinic (16+)

Aims to create a safe, confidential, and inclusive space to get culturally competent and gender-affirming care to trans and gender diverse people.

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Two women sitting, one embracing her arm around the other leaning on each other

Home First Community Support Program (16+)

Provides services and supports for those who are precariously housed in York Region and South Simcoe.

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Young boy smiling with his mother, embracing with one arm

H.O.P.E - Early Psychosis Intervention (14 to 35)

Helps young adults in York Region and South Simcoe who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis to get their lives back on track and stay well.

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Teenage boy smiling for the camera id red tee shirt with grey backpack over one of his shoulders.

Mental Health & Justice Youth Court (12 to 17)

Provides assistance with developing bail plans and assisting youth, and their families, in custody and upon their release.

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Photo of MOBYSS RV Bus with graffiti

MOBYSS (12 to 25)

Offers a safe space to talk to a medical or mental health professional in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

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Woman standing outdoors in a city landscape and wearing a hijab, with an arm around a young girl.

Newcomers’ Health and Well-Being (12+)

Provides mental health and primary care services to newcomers in York Region and South Simcoe who have physical and mental health concerns.

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Woman sitting on left of a small table and holding a clip board. Across from her is young woman.

Support for Depression (16+)

Gives individuals with illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety or OCD, an opportunity to share experiences in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

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Young woman looking at her computer learning about telemedicine


Help clients, their physicians and healthcare providers connect virtually through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).

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Young woman participating in the community, smiling with hand on her face next to her peers

Youth Wellness (12 to 25)

Short-term supportive counselling, case management, groups and workshops for youth aged 12 to 25 in school and community settings.

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Not sure what program is for you?

In a recent survey, students reported that:

24% of youth

visited a mental health professional at least once in the previous 12 months. 95% of youth used a crisis line because they needed to talk to someone about a problem.

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