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Heather’s Story

Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Client (completed BounceBack service)

Prior to enrolling in CMHA’s Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program, Heather was experiencing depression and anxiety. Heather turned to her Family Doctor as a safe space to ask for help.

“My Family Doctor is amazing – I know that if I have a concern, she will listen to me and will quickly look for what may help. My Family Doctor is the one who connected me with the program.”

“The program was self-directed with scheduled check-ins with my Coach, who kept me accountable to my goals. Going through the program, I found it easy to talk to people who you’re not with every day and my Coach provided a new perspective.”

Heather shares that a variety of takeaways from the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program have helped her recover from her symptoms of depression and anxiety, and she now uses the tools she learned in the program throughout her daily life. 

“One thing I think about often is to be gentle with myself, work on things one at a time and do a little bit every day.”

“Before, I was coming home from work and laying on the couch all evening. The program gave me the skills to realize that I enjoy making an after-work schedule for myself. I now give myself permission to do whatever I need to after work for an hour (read, walk, sleep) and then I get up and continue on with my evening.”

Heather’s advice for anyone who is struggling with their mental health:

“Reach out to someone you trust, like your Family Doctor and ask for help.”

“If you have someone who can help you see things in a different way and give you a different perspective it helps when you are struggling with mental health.”

“You are not alone.”

“Depression and anxiety are quite common and it’s important to have a place where you can go to get support, like CMHA.”

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