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Julie Mile’s Story

Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Client (completed BounceBack service)

Before enrolling in CMHA’s Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program, Julie was experiencing both anxiety and mild depression. After recognizing that she needed support, Julie built up the courage to reach out to her Family Physician, who suggested the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program to help cope with her symptoms of anxiety and depression.

“The hardest part is taking the first step. I started the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program last summer after waiting quite some time to seek help. Making the phone call to my Family Doctor was hard, but I took the step.”

“For me, some of the information provided in the program wasn’t new. Working in Human Resources, I’ve shared similar information with employees in the workplace, but now I was looking at the information with a lens of my own experience.” 

“I found the content in the workbooks easy to follow and digestible, and my Coach kept me accountable throughout the program.”

“I think the skills offered within the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program should be available everywhere and everyone should complete this program. There so many people out there struggling and thinking it will get better with time, but this non-invasive program really teaches you skills to cope with your symptoms.”

“For me, the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program was a good program, and it wasn’t scary. You’re not sharing every piece of your life; the program teaches you skills to become the person that can help yourself. The program was the first step of taking control of the situation I needed to, in a soft way.”

“I didn’t notice a change right away, but overtime, I started paying close attention to what I was feeling emotionally and physically, and I became aware of the link between the two. Now, when I’m feeling anxious, I take the time to ask myself: “What am I feeling physically?” “What am I telling myself?” and, “What should I be telling myself?”

For Julie, her Family Doctor was her safe space to seek help for her mental health challenges. Now, Julie’s family is a big part of her healing.

“It wasn’t until I went through the program where I felt comfortable talking to family and friends, who have since become my safe space. Friends and family going through similar things were able to empathize with what was going through and they were there to listen.”

“My family has seen and understood that I’m through some things, and I want my kids to know that life can be hard, and we all go through difficult times.”

“I’ve always been there for others and to listen, and going through the program has helped me realize how much courage it takes for someone to share their experience, even a small piece. I have a renewed appreciation.”

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