Anxiety Disorders: You Are Not Alone and You Can Beat This

Anxiety Disorders: You Are Not Alone and You Can Beat This

CMHA York South Simcoe Nurse Practitioner, Michelle Hermans, authors youth anxiety blog published on Huffington Post Canada.

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Have you ever felt like this?

Sitting at my desk in my math class, I’m finding it hard to concentrate. The dry topic and droning voice of my teacher sends my mind elsewhere. I’m still upset about this morning. I don’t know why my parents are always on my case.

They nag at me for everything — to clean my room, to be home by my ridiculously early curfew, to get better grades, to figure out what I’m going to do with my life… I’m 16 years old! Seriously, I have more than enough time. And anyways, how can I possibly figure out what to do with my life when my boyfriend just broke up with me for another girl at school, and my best friend has ditched me for her new science pal?

I’m going to fail this math course and my parents are giving me heat. They don’t listen.

Suddenly, my heart starts beat rapidly. I feel dizzy and start to sweat. I don’t know what’s happening with me. I try to focus again on the teacher, try to pretend this is all in my head. But it makes it worse, I feel like he is speaking in slow motion. Everything is in slow motion. My chest starts to feel heavy, like someone is sitting on me — I can’t breathe — everything is getting blurry — what’s going on?!

I hear the echo of my friend’s voice asking me if I’m OK. I feel like I’m dying. I need to go to the hospital. Someone call 9-1-1. Something is wrong.