client voice

299 clients participated in our Client Feedback Survey in 2016-2017. This is what clients are telling us about their service:

82% of clients are either satisfied or very satisfied with the program they are participating in.

6% of clients found that service times were not convenient for them.

6% of clients found that the location of services was not convenient for them.

99% of clients felt they were treated with dignity and respect by CMHA employees.

93% felt that staff was sensitive to their cultural needs.

99% of clients understand their recovery plan, and are involved as much as they want in decisions about their services.

99% of clients would recommend the service to a friend!

Since being in the program:
95% feel that they are better able to manage the symptoms of their illness.
95% have learned positive coping skills.
90% have goals and a plan to achieve them.
95% have hope for the future.
91% feel more empowered to make decisions.
72% are more involved in their community.
79% feel they have more positive relationships.

Beginning April 1, 2017 CMHA will be using the Ontario Perception of Care Tool (OPOC) to gather input from clients and families. If you have not yet received this tool to fill out, please feel free to ask your CMHA staff person for a copy.