Gearing up for RIDE DON’T HIDE: Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Gearing up for RIDE DON’T HIDE: Fundraising Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of the year; Ride Don’t Hide. As a participant YOU are doing incredible things! YOU ARE:

  • Raising Awareness
  • Exercising, and;
  • Fundraising

3 checks for positive mental health!

But that last one can be a bit tricky for some, so we’re here to help you out.

Now is the most important time to keep that fundraising momentum going to continue supporting MOBYSS – Ontario’s ONLY youth mobile walk in clinic. But how?

Well, some tricks we’ve learned are:

  • HAVE FUN WITH IT! Get creative and take some risks.
  • Set yourself some mini goals – milestones to reaching the big one – and reward yourself when you reach them.
  • Don’t ask for $5 or $10.  If you ask small, you get small. If you ask bigger, you may still get small. But, you may get big too! Asking small makes fundraising a torturous trek to a goal. I find that people give what they can, no matter how high of an ask you make.  So you can always leave it up to your donor to give an amount they’re comfortable donating.
  • Give it a try!  It really is so much easier than you think.  The worst people can do is say no- and you’ll be surprised by how many won’t!  Don’t be passive about your ask.  If you’re making a commitment to do a fundraising event, ask for donations!  Be proud of what you’re doing and be willing to ask everyone!
  • Don’t make assumptions about how much people can donate or if they’ll donate at all. Leave the choice up to them.
  • Don’t know how to ask? Here’s an email template to get you started!

Hey, (friend)

Just a quick note to let you know I’m going to be participating in RIDE DON’T HIDE on June 24 in support of The Canadian Mental Health Association. 

Yes, I’m going to be (choose cycling/running/walking) through Newmarket for a great cause! MOBYSS ( is a mobile walk-in clinic for youth. Each visit – at a cost of $250 – can prevent a suicide, provide support from bullying and emotional stress and more.

I’d like you to help out if you can. You can donate any amount you like. I’m trying to reach my goal of $________ and I’m almost there.

 You could even join the ride yourself if you’d like!

 Here’s a link to donate:

 (insert link to your personal fundraising page)

 To ride along side me or find out more:

 So that’s what I’m up to these days.

 Hope you’re doing well and that you can help with this great cause.


 (your name)

But of course, with tricks come some tips.
  • SPREAD THE WORD – Add it to your list of tasks for this coming Monday, and start off a meeting with an announcement that you’re a RIDER not a HIDER!
  • TEXT – Drop a quick note to your friends and make sure they know that you’re taking part in this important ride!
  • GET SOCIAL – Tweet, post on Facebook, take a shot of you on your bike and post it on Instagram, Snapchat! It’s ok to brag. You’re doing something great!