Online Survey

Online Survey

Clients, their families, front-line staff and others associated with this branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) have a unique opportunity to contribute to the future direction of CMHA’s Ontario Division.

CMHA Ontario is an organization that lends its voice to the positive work delivered at 30 CMHA branches across the province. CMHA Ontario regularly includes issues relevant to branches during engagement with government and sector partners at the provincial level. The Division advocates for changes in the mental health and addictions system that, we believe, will improve peoples’ journey to recovery.

With this context in mind, CMHA Ontario is asking for your help.

Currently, Ontario Division is developing a new three-year strategic plan and is reaching out to front-line staff, clients, their families and others associated with the branch for input.

If you would like to contribute, please complete this brief online survey. The survey is open from Sept. 14-30, 2016. Hard copies of the survey are available at the York Region South Simcoe Branch in Reception.

This is a tremendous opportunity to shape how CMHA’s provincial organization represents this branch and we encourage you to participate.