World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day.

This year’s theme is “Working Together to Prevent Suicide.” At times, the work of suicide prevention can feel overwhelming. We may question what we can do to help, especially when we hear the statistics. World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity to come together to raise awareness about suicide and encourage everyone to do their part.

By the numbers... 800,000 suicides each year. 4,400 suicide deaths in Canada each year. 9th leading cause of death overall and 2nd in youth 24 and younger. There is a suicide every 131 minutes in Canada. 1 person can make a difference to someone in need. Support and crisis lines are available throughout canada.

World Suicide Prevention Day is a starting point – what we do after that day matters too. Consider using World Suicide Prevention Day as a time to recommit to your role in working together to prevent suicide and promote life.

So, what can you do? Here’s an idea…

Yes, YOU can help someone who is thinking about suicide.

Every year 4,400 people in Canada die by suicide. Though not all suicides can be prevented, some strategies can help reduce the risk, such as early recognition of the signs of suicidal thinking and offering appropriate intervention.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

October 18 & 19

Take ASIST with CMHA York South Simcoe and learn how to:

  • Understand suicidal crisis and why intervention is crucial
  • Navigate societal and personal attitudes of suicide and help to reduce stigma
  • Ask about suicide and listen
  • Identify risk alerts and develop a safe plan
  • Demonstrate the skills required to intervene with a person at risk of suicide
  • List the types of resources available to a person at risk of suicide, including themselves

We can all help to prevent suicide if we know how to talk about it. Asking someone about suicide, listening to their response, and knowing what steps can be taken to help them to see that there is hope in living, that help is available and that they’re not alone, can save someone’s life.

ASIST will teach you how.

For more info and to register for this two-day training, visit: Workshops