Workplace Wellness

We encourage you to invest in the personal wellness of your team. Our workplace focused courses will help your organization increase mental health awareness within the workplace, teach your staff how to address mental health concerns, give them tools to manage personal and professional stress and ultimately, learn how to best support one another other. Everyone in your workplace, at all levels, positions and roles, can benefit from a deepened understanding of mental health in the workplace.

Have you ever considered the financial impact of mental health problems in the workplace? How can employers promote and encourage a work/life balance, reduce stress, and eliminate bullying for staff? This course will teach all levels of your organization how to address the most serious workplace mental health concerns.

Workplace Wellness for Senior Management

This workshop provides a deep understanding of the financial impact of mental health problems in the workplace, identifies factors within the workplace that affect mental health and provides an overview of the Psychological Health and Safety Standard.

Workplace Wellness for Senior Management consists of two modules: (each module is 60-90 minutes in length)

1. The financial impact: How does ignoring mental health impact your organizational budget?

2. Psychological Health and Safety Standard: increase awareness of the legal duty to accommodate; introduce the components of the Standard; identify factors that affect workplace psychological health and safety.

Workplace Wellness for Supervisors

Workplace Wellness for Supervisors consists of 4 modules: (each module is 60-90 minutes in length)

1. Identifying Workplace Mental Health Problems: What are some early indicators that there are mental health problems in the workplace and how can you respond effectively.

2. Stress in the Workplace: How to identify, understand the impact and develop strategies to reduce workplace stressors

3. Bullying in the Workplace: How to identify bullying behavior, understand the impact on both the employee and the organization and learn how to respond

4. The Accommodation Process: What situations require accommodation? What are the seven key principles for successful return-to-work cases. How to create an accommodation plan specific to the needs of your employees. Improve communication during the accommodation process

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