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Meet Abirami

Volunteer from our Tamil Family Support Group

Abirami’s reason for volunteering at CMHA

I was looking for a volunteer opportunity when I came across the posting for the Tamil Family Support Group at CMHA. As a member of the Tamil community myself, I understand the stigma around mental health and recognized from my own lived experiences that there is not a lot of awareness. Joining a great organization such as CMHA combined with my prior experience working with youth support groups in my community, I knew it would be a great fit.

Being able to listen and provide feedback to others who have had similar experiences as myself. While I have personally come a long way in my mental health journey, everyone is at different points in their lives.


I find it empowering and encouraging to see members supporting each other and finds it nice to hear all the positivity they share. I am happy to be part of the support groups as members are all appreciative of the groups and the volunteers. I feel I am making an impact by helping members with their mental health journey and can see the positive impact it has on their lives. While seeing what others are doing for their own self-care and self-love helps in my journey as well.

Abirami’s favourite memory as a volunteer 

A lot of memorable moments happen in these groups, although the moment that made a strong impact was my interactions with long-term volunteer, Kent while leading some of my first discussions. I was soon done training, leading with Kent, leading discussion. As the group was wrapping up on a call, Kent was extremely supportive and encouraging towards my efforts. I have never had that kind of positive encouragement in a volunteer or professional setting before and with everything I have experienced on my own personal mental health journey, that kind of validation really impacted me.

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