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Meet Brian

Peer Support Specialist from our H.O.P.E. Early Psychosis Intervention Program

Brian also supports many of our Community Connections groups

Brian’s Advice for Others

Psychosis can represent a challenge, but recovery is possible. People who experience psychosis can have a successful family life, a meaningful career and help transform communities.  

A diagnosis is not the end, and you are far more than your label. 

Brian’s Favourite Moment at CMHA 


My favourite moment was the first time a client I was supporting “came out” to me. It was the also first time that he had told anybody that he was bisexual. He said that when he found out I cofacilitate CMHA’s Under the Rainbow program, he knew I was a safe and supportive person to share this information with. This experience made me realize that my work makes an impact in the community, and my work is beyond just showing up to a job. 

Why Brian Enjoys Working at CMHA 

I like working at CMHA because I’m doing the type of work I’ve always imagined. In my personal life, I’ve been quite impacted by mental illness and addiction issues. My work as a Peer Support Specialist allows me to give back to the community and connect with people in a profound way. I’ve also been told that when you enjoy your job, it never feels like work. 

How the H.O.P.E. Early Psychosis Intervention Program positively impacts our community

CMHA’s H.O.P.E. program allows our team to become involved with people at a critical time in their life. Early intervention and treatment of psychosis often leads to a reduction of the likelihood of future episodes of psychosis, which means we can help reduce any harm that impacts the client, their family and their community.  

Learn more about H.O.P.E - Early Psychosis Intervention Program
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