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Meet Caroline

BounceBack Coach from our Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Caroline’s advice/inspiration for others 

Be more compassionate towards yourself because if you do not love yourself then how can you love others? When the people around us feel genuinely loved for who they authentically are, that is when they are healed and liberated. How ironic it is to know that by healing others we also inadvertently heal ourselves. Give yourself the same compassionate response that you would give to a friend or family member and be gentle with yourself. Acknowledge that at this moment, you are doing the best you can.

Caroline’s favourite moment at CMHA

My favourite moment while working at CMHA-YRSS, has been creating an acrylic painting that was later donated in a sealed-bid auction. With the help of Catherine M. and Joybeth V. on the Fundraising and Philanthropy team, we were able to raise a little over $250 towards our “Mental Health in Motion” campaign! This annual campaign helps raise critically needed funds to support youth mental health programs and services in the York Region and South Simcoe area.


Why Caroline enjoys working at CMHA

I love working for CMHA-YRSS because I feel more connected with my community. It is always touching to know that fellow Canadians are willing to be transparent and vulnerable in sharing their suffering while still finding the strength to “bounce back”. Every client’s story is unique but there is always a common thread of hope and resilience. Working as a Coach is not only a wonderful job but is also a vocation that is infused with profound meaning and purpose.

How the BounceBack Program positively impacts our community

The BounceBack program helps all participants gain a better perspective, makes goals more manageable, and reminds us to engage in helpful activities. Many clients mention that changing their unhelpful thinking patterns and altering their behaviours have not only transformed their self-esteem but have also improved their relationships. When clients take the time to reflect on our workbook materials, they are able to live more balanced lifestyles that trickle into other facets such as their relationships, careers, and hobbies.

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