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Meet Crystal

Case Manager from our Mental Health and Justice Program

Crystal’s advice/inspiration for others

Start every day fresh, it’s a new day and there are new obstacles to overcome. Some big, some small and if you don’t think you can do it on your own ask for help, encouragement and support from those around you.

Crystal’s favourite moment at CMHA 

The moments important to me are those I spend building working relationships with my clients. I enjoy taking time to get to get know the client and separating the client from their court matters, mental health diagnosis or any other documents that come my way. I like to ensure clients are treated as I would want to be treated. This gives me the opportunity to use my creativity and outside of the box thinking to help them accomplish their goals and keep them motivated.


Why Crystal enjoys working at CMHA 

I like that every day is different. Different clients, different towns and different situations. It keeps me moving, keeps me on my toes and helps me learn a little more each day. I also get to work with an amazing team and each member comes with their own strengths creating balance in the work environment.

How the Mental Health and Justice Program is making a difference in our community

Our program helps those at their most vulnerable times. Often accompanied by feelings of shame, anger, distress and confusion. We have the privilege of working with these individuals and assist them in focusing on a path moving forward, whatever that means for them. There is no judgment, only support and guidance while working with the client and their supports to put the best plan in place and often improving court outcomes.

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