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Meet Danielle

Program Administrator, Community Education and Training 

Danielle’s advice/inspiration for others

Every single person can benefit from a greater understanding of mental health and mental illness. Knowing more about mental illness and having a better understanding means we can better support ourselves and those around us, while also contributing to creating a space that is free from stigma, where people feel empowered and encouraged to share their own personal experiences. When you make an investment in mental health and well-being education and awareness, you are helping to create and foster inclusive, caring, accepting and safe communities.

Danielle’s favourite moment or accomplishment at CMHA 


It is very difficult to identify one single moment. I am so fortunate to meet and speak with so many groups and individuals who all have such varying goals and objectives for wanting to make investments in mental health education. I have been in this role for almost five years, and during that time, I have seen such an incredible shift, where companies and communities are recognizing that mental health education awareness must be prioritized to ensure the well-being of everyone involved is top of mind. It is becoming core components of leadership and onboarding training in workplaces. We are essentially partnering with companies to help advise them and provide guidance on creating a mental health strategy so that they can ensure a mentally healthy and safe workplace for all. Knowing that we have that kind of influence is such an incredible feeling. Outside of the workplace, knowing that we are giving individuals the tools, confidence and resources to take care of themselves and their loved ones, is even more incredible.

Why Danielle likes working at CMHA 

I love knowing that I am part of an agency and cause that is having a profound and life-saving impact on so many lives. I have witnessed tremendous growth at CMHA over the last 5 years and I am proud to be part of that because it shows that we are respected and recognized as leaders in the community to provide mental health care and treatment.

How our Community Education and Training Program is making a difference in our community

In addition the remarks above, I truly believe that our work is first and foremost, helping to eradicate the stigma that still exists surrounding mental illness, which is one of the top reasons someone may not access support for themselves. We are constantly driving that message that mental health impacts us all and no one needs to suffer alone, and everyone can help someone in need. I really think this is becoming more understood! I’m very proud to contribute to that in even a small way.

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