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Meet Edna

Case Manager from our H.O.P.E. Early Psychosis Intervention Program

Edna’s advice/inspiration for others

Faith, hope, and love yourself and others. Believe in the intricate human ability to change, overcome and transform. Be inspired by mother nature and all of its forms of beauty, strength, resilience and ability to evolve through its history. You are worth it, and you can!

Edna’s proudest accomplishment at CMHA 

I count being nominated for the Beacon of Light Awards (CMHA’s Staff Appreciation Awards) in the Beacon of Character Category by my peers as one of my accomplishments. I always try to be inspiring and trustworthy and hope to bring a different perspective in all my endeavours. Whether participating with my team, working with my clients, participating in a committee and affinity group or other involvement, I aim to generate positive change and inspire. It is lovely when others believe I am a Beacon of Light.


Why Edna enjoys working at CMHA 

CMHA was an organization I followed online, and when an opportunity to join came along, I was thrilled to be hired and continue my case management career here. I have been blown away by its different governance and constant training. I feel supported, welcomed, and appreciated every day. I find differences and challenges of opinion are seen with open eyes of curiosity, and questions are embraced with a sense of interest to know what is behind. I feel privileged to work here and be part of the change we are making every day. I love working here, and when you feel like that, you give your best.

How the H.O.P.E. Early Psychosis Intervention Program positively impacts our community

H.O.P.E is an Early Psychosis Intervention Program that builds the strength, community connections, knowledge and resilience of individuals experiencing psychosis for the first time. Our multidisciplinary team works together to walk along the client’s path and builds from their unique strengths a toolbox that will support them when they graduate from the program.

Learn more about H.O.P.E - Early Psychosis Intervention Program
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