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Meet Hiba

Employment Specialist from our Employment Program

Hiba’s advice/inspiration for others

Everyone experiences mental health problems at some point in their life, similar to how everyone gets a cold or a sore throat. If we start looking at mental health in the same light as physical health, we will be in a place of progress. If you are thinking of seeking support or are already seeking support, you are courageous.

Hiba’s favourite moment at CMHA

I remember attending the first town hall meeting virtually and realizing just how wonderful and warm everyone was. Despite the challenging pandemic times and barriers, the focus was on how we should move forward and support our clients. From our CEO dancing to everyone greeting each other with a smile, CMHA YRSS’ culture and environment is one for the books!


Why Hiba chose to work at CMHA

My primary reason for choosing to work at CMHA-YRSS is my strong belief that mental health is health. With this in mind, I want to do my part in addressing the stigma and continue to make positive change in the lives of many.

Every day, I make an active choice to continue my work at CMHA-YRSS because I get to work with supportive coworkers, support most resilient individuals, and learn from generous, resourceful and knowledgeable mentors.

How the Employment Program positively impacts our community

Employment means a lot more than just income. To most of us, it means having a sense of purpose, structure, routine and a platform to showcase your talents and strengths. When an individual is told that they can’t partake in the workforce due to their mental health, they are being deprived of many opportunities.

Working with job seekers to support their goal of employment means supporting individuals in reaching their full potential, whether that’s recognizing one’s area of strength, supporting them with job search or in maintaining their job. It’s supporting them to set up for success and growth.

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