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Meet Ishi

Clinical Therapist from our Clinical Therapy Program

Ishi’s advice/inspiration for others

Each of us follows a unique path in life, and along the way, we may face challenging situations. When you encounter these difficulties, remember to take one step at a time and acknowledge that you’re not experiencing them alone. We are here to support you!

Ishi’s proudest accomplishment at CMHA 

Using shame and resilience model by Brené Brown in helping clients to understand shame and empowering them to break through its barriers and cultivating empathy and connections.

Why Ishi enjoys working at CMHA 

I love working at CMHA because of the amazing staff. They are very lovely and working with them brings me joy.

How our Clinical Therapy program supports our community

Our Clinical Therapy team offers a range of programs, including Shame and Resilience, CARE, ME, CBT-P, and Mindfulness. These programs not only equip clients with valuable skills and tools for their daily lives but also create a supportive environment for individuals to connect through sharing their stories and challenges. I believe these programs excel in two key aspects: providing evidence-based skills and fostering a sense of community through shared experiences. Both elements contribute significantly to assisting participants navigate their thoughts, values, goals, and mental health journey

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