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Meet Jennifer

Manager, Volunteers and Students

Jennifer’s advice/inspiration for others 

A maxim I live by, is to have a good day, have a good night! I find my life is so much smoother/more organized if I take five to 10 minutes a night to set up for the next day. This works for me because I am one of those people who has great faith in what tomorrow/future Jennifer can accomplish and using that hopeful mindset means that I set my expectations high and are able to live up to them by prep the hard work.

Jennifer’s proudest accomplishment at CMHA 

A proud moment of accomplishment while at CMHA-YRSS was working with staff from all five locations to develop and film our Health and Safety videos in the winter of 2022. Everyone involved in the project was so helpful and enthusiastic which made dealing with a tight deadline and many moving parts a lot easier to accomplish!


Why Jennifer enjoys working at CMHA 

I like working at CMHA-YRSS because of ever changing projects I/the People & Culture team work on. While it is always busy, there is never a possibility of getting bored and we get to see the results of our work in real time in the experiences of our colleagues, which makes for great motivation

Community Impact

Working with students means that we are helping to educate the upcoming generation about mental health services so that even if they don’t work with us in the future they have a greater knowledge of how they can help support and get help for the people they do work with. Our volunteers are likewise awesome and help us develop and run programs that we wouldn’t be able to manage without their support. Especially these last couple years during COVID, our volunteers and students have really stepped up to help ensure our programs and services could keep running even as demand increased.

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