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Meet Lisa

Program Coordinator, Choices

Lisa’s advice/inspiration for others

If I was to give advice to anyone looking for advice in regard to mental health, it would be to reach out for help, whether it be family or friends, or professional help. Never think that you are alone because we are here to support you and your families! It is our vulnerability that allows us to find a connection with others, so be brave and reach out for support.

In terms of inspiration, I would encourage others to take care of themselves and do their best every day. You are worthy and important!

Lisa’s favourite accomplishment at CMHA 

Lisa, Choices Program Coordinator

It’s hard to pick one. Previous to my current role, I was a case manager, and seeing clients reach their goals was a highlight for me, as well as sharing moments of gratitude, is always something that I treasure.

In my current role, I work with teens and feel very fortunate to be doing this for a number of reasons. They are very inspiring and I love when they have moments of learning and have questions or comments. I feel that we are making a difference with youth as we equip them with tools to navigate their teen years, whether that is how to talk to their parents, make healthy choices, ask themselves “how should I handle this situation?” and probably most important “what is it that makes me being me?”

Why Lisa loves working at CMHA 

I love working at CMHA because of the work we all do as an organization. We have many programs that make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and the communities that we serve. The organization has grown over the years, and it is wonderful to see the trust and faith that our community partners have in us! I also love when our all of our staff gather to celebrate our many accomplishments together!!

How our Choices Program is making a difference in our community

I think our program makes an impact in the community by working closely with schools and community agencies. Our team really values each person that we work with whether that be the teens, the teachers, or the school community itself.

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