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Meet Lucas

Administrative Assistant from our Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Lucas’ advice for others

One piece of advice I would give is to make sure you make time every day to sit with yourself. Put away any distractions, and sit somewhere comfortable and quiet.
Take a minute to check in with yourself about your feelings, your body, your wants, and your needs. It helps me stay grounded and keeps me from becoming overwhelmed.

Lucas’ favourite moment at CMHA 

My favourite moment during my time at CMHA was volunteering at our BounceBack booth at Toronto Pride 2022. I was able to speak with a wide variety of individuals who were excited to hear about our program, either for themselves or for friends and family.

Lucas, Administrative Assistant

Why Lucas chose to work at CMHA 

I chose to work at CMHA because I had heard great things about the workplace culture and CMHA’s impact. I felt so welcomed when I started working at CMHA, by my fellow admin and by the coaches and clinicians. I can also directly see that the work I do is providing community members with access to the services they need.

How our Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program supports our community

My work as an administrative assistant with the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy (OSP) program is to support community members looking to access our OSP services. By efficiently guiding clients through our intake process, and answering any questions that prospective clients have, I can make sure their wait for services is minimal, and they get access to the services they need.

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