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Meet Michelle

Nurse Practitioner from our Gender Affirming Health Clinic

Michelle’s Advice for Others 

Within you lies a remarkable individual, unique and full of potential. Embrace your authenticity- it is the source of your greatest strength and happiness. And when you choose to be your authentic self, you inspire others to do the same. Remember you are worthy of love and acceptance. In a world that may try to mould you into someone else, be kind and gentle with yourself and have the courage to stand tall and be unapologetically you.

Michelle’s Favourite Moment(s) at CMHA 

Having been at CMHA for 8 years now, I have SO MANY favourite moments! While one of my most significant accomplishments was helping to create the Gender Affirming Health Clinic, some of my favourite moments (I can laugh at them now!) are all of the wild MOBYSS adventures we have had along the way. Climbing in and out of bus windows, using our trusty duct tape for quick repairs (I’m a skilled RV mechanic now, haha), hundreds of dance parties, rap battles, pride parades and celebrations and all of the incredible, brave, inspiring people that I have been so grateful to meet, support and work with over these years.


Why Michelle Loves Working at CMHA 

I love working at CMHA for too many reasons to list! I think CMHA fosters a positive culture where people can feel valued and supported. There is a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that encourages fun, teamwork and a sense of community. I’ve always felt that it has been a receptive space to share thoughts and ideas and contribute to our innovation and growth. It has been a place for me to learn and cultivate my role and the work I do in a meaningful way in order to best support our community.

How CMHA’s Gender Affirming Health Clinic is making a difference in our community

Trans and gender diverse folks can have high suicidality, often due to gender dysphoria and experiences of invalidation and rejection. The Gender Affirming Health Clinic provides connection, a safe place to access gender-affirming care including mental health supports, hormones and surgical referrals which gives folks the power and opportunity to be the people they already know they are. This work saves lives.

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