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Meet Mimi

Clinician Lead from our Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Mimi’s advice/inspiration for others

No one has to have all the answers, or know what to say, or get things perfect at all times. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this moment as the way it is.

Mimi’s favourite moment at CMHA

My favourite moment of working at CMHA was a poetry video that all members of the CMHA-YRSS Chinese Affinity Group had put together as a creative project through which we shared a little experience of Chinese art forms and values during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic as a part of #StopAsianHate. Not only was the innovative teamwork exciting, but the opportunity allowed us to share elements of Chinese-speaking cultures that are generally lesser known, in a gentle attempt at reducing some gaps in understanding of these cultures created by stereotyping, racism, and hate.


Why Mimi enjoys working at CMHA 

CMHA invests significant effort, at all levels, to provide culturally sensitive and competent service to people of the community. CMHA’s values of being client & family centered, culturally competent, and innovative makes it a place I wish to work at.

How the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program positively impacts our community

Ontario Structured Psychotherapy (OSP) makes evidence-based psychotherapy and related approaches available to people across Ontario. The program provides publicly-funded support to people with depression, anxiety, and anxiety-related conditions.

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