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Meet Nancy

Employment Specialist from our Employment Program

Nancy’s advice/inspiration for others 

Be true to yourself. Be real. Trying to be someone you’re not, takes a lot of effort to maintain. People all around us are dealing with managing their mental health. You’re not alone. For every table you sit around, or any room you’re in, there are others that are working through difficulties in their lives. If you’re at work, there are likely others struggling with mental health too. We all need to have self compassion, pat ourselves on the back and remind ourselves that we are doing our best. Reach out to others or to the resources available at CMHA or in your community. We are here for you.


Nancy’s favourite moments at CMHA

I think my most treasured moments are the ones where I see someone work hard at their recovery, gain confidence in themselves, and obtain and maintain employment. I love to see the change in people, from sharing feelings of fear of returning to work, to seeing the smiling face of someone who has gained a work “family”, feels supported and looks forward to going to work each day. I often see the benefits of working, not only as monetary gain, but the glow of accomplishment, confidence and contentment. I found mine, let us help you find yours!

Why Nancy enjoys working at CMHA

CMHA is my work “family”, where we support each other, build each other up and see the strengths in each other. CMHA makes a difference in so many lives. I’m proud to be part of such a client centered and caring community of staff. I chose to work here because I could do what I love – to support people in their recovery, but its not only that which keeps us at a job – it’s the organization, the culture of the workplace and the people that make it home.

How the Employment Program positively impacts our community

The CMHA Employment Program is unique in that it is not only a place where people can get support with working and managing mental health, but is also a resource to other agencies and employers in reducing stigma in our community.

Our hope is that the more we all share education on mental health in the workplace and creating mentally healthy workspaces, the more accommodating and supportive employment opportunities there will be for all.

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