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Meet Nicole

Peer Support Specialist from our Assertive Community Treatment Team South Simcoe

Nicole’s advice for others

Mental health can affect everyone. It’s important to be empathic and non-judgmental towards those experiencing a mental illness or mental health challenge.

Nicole’s favourite accomplishment at CMHA 

I enjoy reducing stigma about alternate realities. I always share with others about the experience of hearing voices and the positive aspects it offers individuals. I try to normalize the experience so that individuals experience less stigma.

Working with peers and clients on the different types of stigma is always one of my goals.

Nicole Parker, Peer Support Specialist

Why Nicole chose to work at CMHA 

I chose to work at CMHA because the ACT Team offers a viewpoint from a different lens while assisting clients with their recovery. I enjoy the in-depth learning I gain from peers and clients. CMHA assisted me with starting groups for people with voices and alternate realities. I feel my voice is heard at CMHA.

When I first started at CMHA, I was told if I can dream it CMHA will make it happen.

How our Assertive Community Treatment Teams support our community

Our ACT Teams supports individuals who have high service needs who have not otherwise been successful with office-based services or have had extensive hospital stays. We provide intensive, individualized support to help individuals achieve their recovery goals. We also provide support from a non-judgmental lens and we keep people safe.

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