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Meet Penny

Mental Health Educator, Youth Wellness

Penny’s advice for others

The one piece of advice I would give to young people is even the most successful person makes mistakes. Failure isn’t something to be feared, but rather, something to embrace and grow from. Focus on what you are feeling right now. If you’re sad feel the sadness. Share your feelings with someone close to you. Do something nice for yourself and take time to count your blessings. Eat well and make healthy social connections!

Penny’s favourite moment(s) at CMHA

My favorite moment during my time working for CMHA would be facilitating the stress and anxiety workshops for youth in their classrooms. The stress and anxiety workshop helps youth identify some of their stressors and how to cope. It is an educational workshop that has helped many youth understand stress and develop coping strategies for both stress and anxiety. Many youth have come forward explaining how helpful this workshop really was for them.

Why Penny likes working at CMHA

A passion of mine is working with youth. This is the reason why I work at CMHA. Being able to support young people better understand their feelings, identify what might be causing them to feel or behave in a certain way and help them develop strategies to cope.

Penny Konnaris

How our Youth Wellness program supports our community

Youth Wellness offers individual short-term supportive counseling, case management, groups, and workshops for youth aged 12-25 in school and community settings in York Region and South Simcoe. Being able to facilitate all these different programs in the schools helps youth have a better understanding about mental health and mental health challenges.

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