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Meet Sara

Peer Support Worker from our Community Connections Program

Sara’s advice/inspiration for others

“It’s never to late to be what you might have been.” Find your untapped potential. It is not to late to turn your dreams into reality, bring something you used to enjoy or think of, back into focus and go for it. Take time for yourself to remember what used to bring you joy and do it, seize the day.

Sara’s favourite accomplishment at CMHA 

During my time working at CMHA, it has been such an honour and privilege when others feel at ease, safe and comfortable speaking to me about their journey. Being vulnerable is so difficult to do, however, courageous and being that safe source for someone is where I feel I have accomplished something.

Sara, Peer Support Worker

Why Sara likes working at CMHA 

CMHA, to me, is being a part of a community, a family. It creates a sense of belonging. From the moment I began my journey with CMHA, I have felt accepted, capable, and creatively challenged. When a company’s values align with your own, it is something you want to be a part of. I am so honoured to have the opportunity to do so.

How the Community Connections Program is making a difference in our community

Community Connections is exactly that, connecting the community, and bringing people together. As a Peer Support Worker within this program, I can provide experiences and opportunities for individuals to feel and be connected to others. Social interaction, whether recreational or educational is such an important aspect of being human, especially after all the lockdowns where this kind of interaction has been either limited or non-existent. Face-to-face interaction benefits not only cognitive well-being but physical well-being too. Bringing joy, building a sense of community, and supporting healthy challenges, all aim to create a brighter future.

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