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Meet Sivanitharsan

Volunteer, Tamil Family Support Group

Why Sivanitharsan chose to volunteer at CMHA

I chose to volunteer with CMHA as it was an opportunity for me to make a change within my community. As a firstgeneration immigrant from Sri Lanka, I have been interested in providing mental health support for my community of people. It is a dream of mine to open a therapeutic clinic and provide effective psychotherapy based on traditional modes of learning to help Tamil individuals overcome and understand how trauma from experiencing civil war can affect their daily lives, mood and interpersonal concerns. CMHA has given me the opportunity to take the first step toward this dream by creating mental health educational workshops on a monthly basis for members of the Tamil community. 

Sivanitharsan, volunteer

Sivanitharsan’s favourite moment at CMA 

My favourite moment occurs every third Tuesday of the month when the facilitators and members of the Tamil family support group join to discuss various topics and relate them back to how it affects our mental health. Building interpersonal relationships with this group of individuals has been a memorable experience in developing my understanding of the Tamil community as well as the importance of social interactions in helping people overcome mental health concerns. 

Sivanitharsan’s advice for others

I would like individuals in the York Region and South Simcoe community to develop the basis for expanding mental health support to the large range of diverse individuals around them. It has been great to communicate with individuals in their native tongue and provided mental health support that is accessible and delivers information that cuts down language barriers. 

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