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Meet Sofia

Social Worker, Newcomers’ Health & Well-Being

Sofia’s advice/inspiration for others

Always remember the power of resilience. Life is filled with challenges and setbacks, but it’s often how we respond to these obstacles that shapes our journey. Embracing resilience means acknowledging difficulties, learning from them, and finding the strength to persevere. Even in the darkest moments, there’s potential for growth and transformation. So, my advice is to cultivate resilience within yourself, knowing that you have the inner resources to overcome adversity and create a brighter future. And if you need it, help is always available to you.

Sofia’s most rewarding accomplishment at CMHA

The recent launch of our walk-in service has been a rewarding experience. Newcomers face several barriers when seeking services, and offering a walk-in counselling session provides immediate access to care. Delivering walk-in support has made me realize the importance of having someone acknowledge and validate your difficulties. Often, newcomers facing past trauma, mental health challenges, or life stressors can feel isolated and overwhelmed by their circumstances. Asking for help requires courage and vulnerability, and simply being met with empathy and understanding can be incredibly powerful. We might not be able to solve every problem in one session, but I can be there to listen and collaborate with clients to develop an action plan.

Why Sofia enjoys working at CMHA

I’m proud to work at CMHA because of the incredible programs and support available to clients. Within the Newcomers’ Health and Well-Being program, I have an incredible, supportive team who make going to work fun. I also think it is a privilege to work with newcomers; each client brings forth a unique cultural background, history, and perspective on the world. I am often inspired by the resilience and strength demonstrated by my clients. Working in this program has provided an opportunity for me to grow in so many ways.


How our Newcomers’ Health & Well-Being program supports our community

The Newcomers’ Health & Well-Being Program delivers meaningful support to the rising newcomer population in our community and provides services to help navigate life in Canada. We provide culturally appropriate care which includes counselling, psychoeducation, case management, and physical health support.

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