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Meet Suzanne

Clinical Therapist from our Rapid Access Psychiatry Program

Suzanne’s advice for others

It is your right to inquire about your mental health or I prefer to say mental wellness.

Since our thoughts, feelings and actions are all interconnected it makes sense to take the time to do a mental wellness check and reach out when you need support. Being kind and non-judgmental towards ourselves through our mental wellness journey is a helpful way to push back on the stigma often present in our society regarding mental health.

You matter! You deserve answers to your mental health needs. We all have mental health needs over the course of our lives. It is part of the human experience.

Suzanne, Clinical Therapist

Suzanne’s favourite moment at CMHA 

One of my favourite moments during my time working at CMHA was when I was able to deliver virtual art therapy sessions to a client from one of our housing programs. This individual was so happy to have a roof over her head just before the holidays and grateful for the donations of decorations and a tree with lights. She drew a pencil drawing expressing her joy after many months of living out of her car with her pets while working away at a university degree.

Why Suzanne enjoys working at CMHA 

I like working at CMHA because there is an inclusive culture within the agency. CMHA is constantly striving to make changes to the ongoing need to educate and break down the barriers to mental health for all. Mental health is everyone’s responsibility – to ourselves and to one another. Mental health does not discriminate based on social, economic, race, creed or sexual orientation. CMHA works hard to provide opportunities for people to be heard, seen and supported on their mental wellness journey.

How our Rapid Access Psychiatry Program supports our community

The Rapid Access Psychiatry (RAP) program impacts our community in a positive way by providing free, individual psychiatric assessments to anyone over the age of 18 living in York Region and South Simcoe. After receiving an assessment, individuals have expressed peace of mind, received proper medication recommendations or reviews and participated in free, individual or group support programs.

Learn more about our Rapid Access Psychiatry Program
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