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Meet Sylvie

Employment Specialist from our Employment Program

Sylvie’s advice/inspiration for others

Finding work that inspires you gives meaning to your life while staying true to yourself. Reaching out for help or support is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of courage!

Sylvie’s favourite moment at CMHA 

I have many favourite moments at CMHA. Having been part of this agency for 11 years, the stories I could tell, and the memories are like a kaleidoscope that constantly changes. People/co-workers/managers have come and gone, yet somehow, they all leave us with a bit of themselves. For me, an extra special moment is when I succeed at empowering clients to believe in themselves, and then it brings joy to my heart to watch them become self-assured and confident workers. My favourite saying to clients: You are beautiful person, you are tall and you are able to do this, then I tell them to repeat it.


Why Sylvie enjoys working at CMHA 

I enjoy working at CMHA because it is a supportive workplace, it encourages us to focus on self-care in tandem with supporting our clients. Another reason I enjoy working at CMHA, I feel valued as a worker and we have great team values. Finally, it’s the culture of the workplace, the diversity and the people who make it a priceless experience.

How our Employment Program is making a difference in our community

The Employment Program is unique in that it is not only a place where people can get support with working and managing mental health, it is also a much-needed resource for other agencies and employers. By connecting with other employment agencies and helping them to educate their employees and clients about “work and mental wellness” we are building a solid foundation and partnerships which serves to benefit everyone.

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