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Meet Victoria

Housing Support Worker from our Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO) Program

Victoria’s advice/inspiration for others

Look at how far you have already come, every obstacle you have tackled, every hurdle you have lept over and every day you have made it through. You are worthy, you are cared for, you are enough.

Victoria’s favourite memory at CMHA 

My favourite moments would be supporting clients in the community such as the camping trip, Markham fair outing, shopping trips or walking track outings. Supporting our clients and seeing the joy it brings them makes everything we do worth it.

Why Victoria enjoys working at CMHA 

I love working at CMHA because of the support from both management and colleagues. No challenge or concern seems to big when supported by those you work with. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and supports growth and development!

How our Community Homes for Opportunity program supports our community

Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO) provides tenants with recovery-oriented supportive housing that can offer up to 24/7 support services to maintain housing stability. We provide one-on-one support to many individuals within the home to maintain their housing and navigate both mental and physical health concerns. We advocate for our clients and help our clients navigate getting the care they need, be it within the home or with external health care professionals. We encourage our clients to connect with community rescources and support our clients on community outings.

Learn more about our Community Homes for Opportunity program
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