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Meet Wai Kei

CBT Clinician, Ontario Structured Psychotherapy

Wai Kei’s advice/inspiration for others

Mental health is no different from physical health; both need our attention and care.

Wai Kei’s favourite moment at CMHA

My favourite moment is when I see my clients improving, committing to work on their important issues, and gaining a sense of understanding and acceptance towards themselves. It is such an honour to work with them as they show me tremendous resilience.

Why Wai Kei chose to work at CMHA

There are many reasons I work with the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy (OSP) program. First, it is a meaningful job, offering support to adults struggling with mental health challenges. Second, there are tons of learning opportunities. Third, there are lovely and supportive colleagues.

Wai Kei

How our Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program supports our community

I believe that the OSP program has a positive impact on our community, as accessing free-of-charge structured psychotherapy has not been easy. Additionally, it offers culturally sensitive and language-appropriate services. Those whose first language is not English can also access mental health services like this one!

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Hong Fook Mental Health Association

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