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Mental Health in Motion 2021 Ambassadors

We are so happy to introduce you to our Ambassadors for Mental Health in Motion 2021. They have come on board to help raise awareness and funds for critically needed mental health services and supports in our community. To learn more about Mental Health in Motion 2021 or to register (it’s FREE) visit

Ambassador Profile Lauren


Lauren is a mom of 2, and a high school English teacher. Her hobbies include spinning, lifting weights, reading, and writing. She is passionate about self-care and taking care of her mental health, and even has a podcast about it! As someone who suffers from anxiety, Lauren uses her platform to share her coping strategies, which include meditation, journaling, an early bedtime, and a lot of exercise and daily movement. She also loves iced coffee, delicious food, and spending time with her friends and family.


Emma Profile


Dr. Emma Whelpton is a chiropractor and yoga instructor that has a special interest in prenatal care and managing chronic pain through movement and mindfulness. She is the creator of The YOGA+ Method, a company that unites science and soul to help people feel better in their bodies and lives. When Emma isn’t busy at work you can find her out waking her dog or at the local Newmarket farmers market enjoying the sunshine.


Angelica Profile


Angelica Galluzzo is a mental health advocate, psychology student, athlete, and Newmarket native. Her podcast, The Revolutionized Mind, is about all things mental health. She uses personal stories and real conversations with others to change the way that we live and think about our lives, for the better. The focus is on education, awareness, and prevention, motivated by the mental health epidemic that we are currently living in and the dangerously high statistics that we see. She believes that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that we are so much stronger when we work together. Tune in to The Revolutionized Mind every Friday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Anchor, and be sure to follow her Instagram and TikTok @therevolutionizedmind

Judy Profile

Judy is a passionate fundraiser and mother of two boys, who has raised over $100,000 throughout the past 7 years in support of youth mental health programs and services at CMHA-YRSS. The area of mental health is close to Judy’s heart as her sister, who was diagnosed with her first mental illness as a teen, was lucky enough to receive excellent care. Now many years later, she wants to ensure that youth in our community have access to the same amazing support that her sister did.

Petja Profile

I’m a high school Health and Physical education teacher who not only talks the talk but walks the walk when it comes to understanding the importance of physical movement on mental health.  I am an avid runner who is hooked into triathlons and hoping to complete in my first full Ironman when ever we are allowed to get back into it.  I try to live each day by the motto of “Get up, get out, and Get MOVING!” So let’s go! ​

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